Friday, April 2, 2010

In 1898, the old Claiborne Mansion "Bellevue" was demolished and the Bellevue School was constructed on the site. Luella Pruett was a student there in 1908, when she prepared this booklet about planting a school garden extending "from the girls' porch to the boys' porch."

In 1903, when my mother Annie Marie Jones (Ricketts) was born, my grandparents Dan and Annie Jones, were living at 501 Middle Street across the street from Bellevue School which Annie's widowed mother Laura Lavalette Driskill Pruett. I can find no relationship to Luella and can find no other information about her. In 1908, the year this booklet was prepared. Dan and Annie, with their five-year-old daughter, moved in the house on the corner of Washington and Valley (now Aspen) Steets. They lived there until Dan died in 1946 and Annie in 1969.
Luella Pruett mentions other students: Bennie, Virginia, Eva, Lottie, Leoff, Conrad, Lillie, Sallie, Darell and Clyde.

Note the thick thread which bound this booklet more than one hundred years ago.

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